Collision Repair


Been in an accident

We offer FREE estimates, assistance with your deductible if needed and transportation to your rental car once you drop off.  

What to expect

  • We listen to customers wants and needs, provide our estimate to your insurance company to ensure both parties know what is being done.  
  • Begin repairs to vehicle, informing customer and insurance of any further repairs upon disassembly. 
  • Once all damages are complete the vehicle and any parts are then painted and reassembled.  
  • The vehicle is detailed and returned to the customer. 

During the process

A pre scan and post scan are preformed on every car finding any hidden codes computers might not show on your dash. This scan is required by most manufacturer. We use high quality material DEBEER in our very own paint mixing bank, with a paint booth to complete pristine paint jobs. We provide factory welds with our compression welder, and ensure all vehicles are safe on our two post lift when being lifted for inspection or repair. We have a ten ton frame straightening machine available if necessary.